Wednesday, April 22, 2015 – Day 5


  • Badminton intramurals at lunch in the gym today.
  • Boys Spring League Basketball after school today 3pm-4:15pm


  • Reminder: “Shrek” Play on May 11th. Tickets are $8, first come, first serve: Limited amount of tickets! Don’t miss out, get your $8 in!!shrek play
  • ILA will be written by the Grade 9’s, today from 10am-12pm.
  • The Wrap Up for the Easter Seals Campaign will be at our school on Thurs at 9:00am.
  • The Grade Sevens will have an off grounds lunch later this week, we will let you know what day exactly this will be a little later on.
  • Just a reminder to all students, footwear is required in school at all times. All students must have some type of footwear on their feet while in school.
  • Can a student council class rep please drop off their “change for change” jar to Mr.Brioux’s room today at break.
  • Happy Birthday to Cece from your class, Jazmine, and all your friends!!


  • Grade 7 band meets ats 12:00 today for rehearsal.
  • Birchwood Concert Band will be meeting tomorrow at noon for rehearsal.
  • All Birchwood Concert Band woodwind players will meet at 12:15 on Friday for sectionals.


  • Wednesday: Sweet & Sour Chicken with rice and an egg roll, $5.00, $5:45 with milk.
  • Thursday: Lasagna with Caesar Salad, $5:00, $5:45 with milk.
  • Friday: Chicken Fingers & Fries, $5.00, $5.45 with milk.
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