WHEN?    Thursday April 02

WHERE?   Birchwood Library

*Teachers will send home appointment times on Monday, March 29th. If you do not get this sheet of paper from your son or daughter, please call or e-mail his or her homeroom teacher. There will be staff from Colonel Gray present to answer questions. Appointment times are expected to run 15 minutes. Students will leave their classes for appointments then return to regular classes. Please ensure that they have completed the orange planning sheet and take it to the appt time.

*Registration for Charlottetown Rural will be determined and parents contacted.


Permission forms have been mailed out. Please read the letter and contact the SHAPES survey number given if you do not want your child to participate. The survey will take place on April 21st.

Intermediate Literary Assessment for Grade Nine Students

The assessment (ILA) will be held over 4 days. It will take approx an hour each day to complete and includes reading passages as well as a writing component. It will be worth 10% of the overall mark for the year. No special study is needed to prepare for the assessment. Parents can help by ensuring their students arrive at school well rested and ready to participate. Please encourage them to do their best. The Assessment will be held April 14 & 15 and the 21 and 22.

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