School Supplies for 2014-2015

Here is a list of school supplies that students will need for the upcoming school year:

Loose Leaf Paper
1″ Single course binders (5 or 6)
Duotangs/scribblers (4-5 per term)
Pencil Case
Pencils (best to have an entire pack left in the locker)
Small Ruler
Small Pencil Sharpener
Coloring Pencils

*French Immersion students need a French- English Dictionary (65000 words) and also a French Verb Dictionary

*All students are required to participate and change for gym as it is one of their required courses. Please ensure that your child has appropriate gym attire in his or her locker. We do not require inside and outside footwear, however, the soles need to be non-marking. Students who are not dressed for gym, will not be allowed to participate. Marks will be deducted and work assignments will be given.